Smart TV Remotes

Smart-TV-Remotes-300x200One of the biggest complaints of Smart TV users is the difficulty of use in the living room. Navigating through TV menus, typing on browsers, messaging, pointing and clicking proves to be quite challenging on average TV remotes.  Traditional TV remotes were not designed to browse the web or play motion games. CyWee’s Smart TV Remote broadens the user experience and provides an accurate way to track on-screen movements.  It can also be used for motion gaming and other applications requiring quick gestures.  The Smart TV Remote features a patented 6-axis or 9-axis motion module with traditional navigation options.  CyWee provides customers with a faster and easier control over living room content.

The remote controller is ideal for browsing web pages, instant messaging, or even typing out emails utilizing a virtual keyboard.  Volume, channel, and playback can be controlled through simple gestures or by using traditional remote input. Featuring a patented 6-axis or 9-axis CyWee Motion Module and supporting CyWee Motion APIs, the TV Remote is also a gaming controller.  Play PC or set-top box games with a highly accurate and precise gaming control.

Key Features:

  • Patented 6-Axis or 9-Axis 3D pointing device
  • Infrared sensor to control TV
  • Use gestures to control playback, volume, channel selection
  • Ideal for use with multimedia center, digital television, Smart TV, and set-top boxes

Keyboard Controller:

  • Mouse mode makes it easy to browse websites and content
  • Built in keyboard for typing and browsing
  • 1:1 tracking for accurate motion gaming

Supported Apps:

  • Netflix
  • Pandora
  • YouTube
  • iTunes
  • Hulu